Alice Timmons is an Individual, Marriage, and Family Therapist practicing in Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

This site will introduce you to Alice and her practice. You will also find her essays on psychological topics as well as links to helpful sites.
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  • Out From The Eye of The Storm

    “Long as I remember The rain been comin’ down Clouds of myst’ry porin’ Confusion on the ground. Good men through the ages Tryin’to find the sun; And I wonder, still I wonder Who’ll stop the rain?” (Credence Clearwater Revival) I live on a barrier island......

  • Sweet Suffering: Loss, Meaning, and the Development of Wisdom

    I was born into a family with “good enough mothering, fathering, grandmothering, and grandfathering.” In short, I was securely attached. However, I often wondered why I was not as wise as my friends who had not had the benefit of secure early-life attachments. Then, in......

  • The End of the Innocence? The Archetype of the Child as Redeemer

    Preface  In the aftermath of the unspeakable massacre of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, President Obama gave an impassioned address to the nation. He said, in part The majority of those who died today were children......